Being stylish and fashionable in a few clicks

Fashion tips to boost your look

As mentioned on, you don’t need to spend lots of money in order to be stylish and good-looking and we’ll show you how! Thanks to our tips, you can boost your outfit without breaking the bank, and sometimes without spending a single penny!

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Being stylish on a daily basis

Instinctive routine you can adopt

It’s not easy to be stylish on a daily basis! Yet, on some women, clothes seem to fall just right and have that casual look that makes them irresistible and gives their apearance that extra aura and an incomparable charm!

Having a paperbag pants, a polka dot dress, a round bag and a host of other trendy pieces is not enough to look like a real fashionista. But rest assured, the attitude of a seasoned fashionista is not so complicated to copy because there are a multitude of instincts to have in order to give pep to your outfits by doing almost nothing!

Amongst these simple fashion tricks, you learn how to be stylish in any jeans you already have in your wardrobe, to wear the right accessories with the right outfits to be ultra-fashionable in sneakers or a simple t-shirt… and lots of other trendy tips on DNA Moda. Just enough to revitalize your basic wardrobe and especially boost your style!

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Tips for women

Fashion tips you can apply for free


Roll up your jeans!

By rolling up your trousers, no more worrying about legs that are too long or too short, just a question of style!


Roll up your sleeves

What works with your legs, also works with your arms: by rolling up your sleeves, your arms will look longer and thinner.


Tie your belt

Instead of wearing your belt in the simplest and most obvious way, think about tying it!


Slightly unbutton your blouse

Very simple, this trick makes a big difference though: a blouse or shirt open up to the third button will make you look slimmer!

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Tips for a good coordination of your fashion accessories

Women’s fashion accessories
Every self-respecting fashionista wears a whole bunch of fashion accessories, just like our favourite celebrities for that matter. Among a choice of bags, sunglasses, hats, scarves… women have all the possibilities to personalise their style according to their desires.

Accessories are the radical solution to keep up with the trends without necessarily going broke! Our first piece of advice is to take your accessories out of the drawers, put them away so that you can easily see them in the morning when you put the finishing touches on your look. Having access to them is the key! Finally, don’t be afraid to dare! This will give you confidence and accessories will become a fun way to define your style.

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Men's fashion

Our tips for every stylish man out there

Why you should read our articles about men’s fashion? Because it’s the best way to find quality fashion advice on the internet. All the advice you will find here is free and independent.


The plain t-shirt

It is the useful piece that should be in any man’s wardrobe. It’s important to choose the right material.


The white shirt

It’s a must for special occasions or appointments, the white shirt brings a dressy look to your style.



Once a work outfit, jeans are now the timeless staple. They allow you to have a casual or dressy style.