Italian style

How to dress like an Italian woman: A guide to Italian style

Italian women are quite stylish, and many people envy their style. In this article, we’ll focus mainly on the Italian style. We’ll look into some of the styles being used by Italian women and how you can dress similarly to…

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eyelash extensions

Choosing the best shampoo for your eyelash extensions

Are you an avid eyelash extension wearer? If so, you already know how crucial it is to keep them clean. With such an accessory, you will need eyelash shampoo to protect your extensions from irritants, impurities and bacteria. Note, however, some…

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Benefits of online shopping

The use of internet in our daily life is increasing at high-neck speed. One of them is the online shopping that we all enjoy. It is quick, convenient and safe. Let us go through online shopping advantages one by one:…

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The Year of the Indies At the 53rd Grammy Awards

The 53rd Grammy award ceremony was filled with numerous surprises this year. This was a big night for all those biggies in the industry. This time it was held at the Stapes Center in Los Angeles. Arcade Fire, a Montreal Canada based…

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Britney Spears in a New Avatar

Britney Jean Spears is in the news yet again. The mother of the albums Baby one more time in 1999 and Oops!… I did it again in 2000 created a furore by miming on her Australian tour. It is now reported she will…

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Summer Fashion Trends

“So stuffy, Can’t tolerate this Heat” this is what we usually say during summers. So, to beat the heat of summer you can go for some comfortable clothing. Let’s check out some key trends that you can wear during summers:…

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Summer Makeup Tips

Summer is the time to give your body the healthy tan and protect it from the horrors of sunburn, dry lips in the sun scorched heat. There are some disasters that can happen in summer sun or in a relaxing…

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How to keep your Lips Supple and Beautiful

Your lips are the most enviable features of your body and you really care about them. Supple and healthy looking lips are what turn on in a man. If your lips are dry and flaky, then there is no point…

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