Choosing the best shampoo for your eyelash extensions

eyelash extensions

Are you an avid eyelash extension wearer? If so, you already know how crucial it is to keep them clean. With such an accessory, you will need eyelash shampoo to protect your extensions from irritants, impurities and bacteria. Note, however, some shampoos on the market today can quickly lower your eyelash extension retention. Some are also unhealthy and can introduce allergens to your eyes. What should you consider during your lash shampoo purchase?

Keep off Dehydrating Detergents

You probably already know that oils can weaken the eyelash extension bond and break it. However, it is also important to note that the bacteria present in some eyelash extension shampoo in Canada can also lead to their breakdown. Before buying your shampoo, read the label to be sure it does not contain glycerol or dehydrating detergents that could interfere with their flexibility. Do not be misguided by a ‘Tear Free’ label on the container. It only means that the shampoo contains agents that prevent irritation. If the shampoo contains fragrance, be wary, as this element could mean the cleanser is highly loaded with allergens.

Avoid Cleansers with Glycol

Glycol is present in most shampoos in the form of PEGs. It is a harmful product that destroys the adhesive of the extension and can lead to dehydration, causing the lashes to fall out. Aside from that, glycerol is also responsible for various health issues. Some of them may contain impurities and toxic substances that could eventually introduce major health risks such as cancer and liver toxicity. Only use tested products without PEGs to ensure that your skin is not irritated or harmed.

Choose Fragrance-Free Cleansers

Be sure that your lash shampoo is free from perfume or fragrance. Note that most perfumed shampoos contain a high level of undisclosed toxicity. It would then mean that the cleanser is loaded with chemicals and ingredients that could harm you. Most shampoos with fragrance have been linked to irritation, respiratory illnesses, allergies and harm to the reproductive system.

Consider Health Boosting Ingredients

The best eyelash extension shampoo in Canada contains health-boosting ingredients. Such cleansers allow you to keep your extensions longer. Look for ingredients such as silk extract, biotin, aloe or cucumber extract, among other healthy ingredients. You want to avoid products containing surfactants and detergents that could dehydrate your lashes, causing them to fall off or introduce mites and irritation. With so many shampoos containing harmful ingredients, you might be tempted to avoid them altogether. However, it is necessary to note that cleaning your extensions with the right shampoo will not just extend their life but also prevent bacterial and health issues. Understand that eyelash extensions are exposed to mites, bacteria and the build-up of dead cells, which could eventually harm your eyes. Not cleaning them often means exposing yourself to sties, blepharitis and other health issues. All you need to do is choose a standard cleanser that has been tried and tested.

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