Look smart in Street Fashion

What are you wondering how can you do fashion for less. Moreover, if the major part of your commute you do by bike then your thoughts are deepened. You worry you have to ride to your destination yet look fashionable. “Necessity is the mother of all invention”, so counter your problem and try various look for your everyday wear. Suppose you love biking shorts and cannot flash around while ridding, then here how you go.
  • Pair up your shorts with stockings.
  • Black stockings will go with any colored shorts
  • You can also wear shocking color combination, provided you can carry the look
  • Wear cool ‘T’ shirts and Adidas trainers
  • Cotton printed tops if your shorts are monochrome
  • Accessorize with belts
  • Wear funky sneakers
  • If you want the fashionista look wear ankle boots
  • Jackets weather denim or prints will look cook
  • Head gears will add to your charm
Now for your hair, if you have them short then pin it or just set it with mousse. In case of long hair tie them up in a neat ponytail or in a top knot. Gloss up your lips to brighten up your look. Carry it around with you so that you can do touch up whenever necessary.
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