Heavy metal bands came into being in the 1980s. The loud music of the screeching guitars and the head banging drums earned these bands immediate popularity. It was not only the heavy metal style music that became popular. Along with the music, emerged a heavy metal style dress. The notable features of the get up were leather jackets, chains as well as studs. Since its advent metal dress has gained immense popularity among youngsters. Especially those who wish to be a little different often opt for the metal look. What can be a better option than the metal look if you wish to go trendy? Let’s have a look at the things you need to get that metal look.
  1. The first thing is definitely Metal T-shirts. As you wear a bright colored metal t-shirt, half of your work is done. Try to choose colors like black, blue, deep maroon, deep violet, chocolate and coffee color.
  2. If you are going to attend the concert of your favorite rock band, you can also wear the particular band’s t-shirt.
  3. If you prefer wearing simple music t shirts, then make sure to wear a leather jacket. Black leather jacket is ideal. A brown leather jacket can also serve your purpose.
  4. You will have to hang some heavy chains from either your jacket’s pocket or your jeans’ pockets. You can also wear some heavy chains round your neck.
  5. While selecting clothes, try the ones that have images of skulls and crossbones. These are very much in fashion as far as metal look is concerned. Blood and death signs are also popular motifs.
  6. Studded bracelets and boots are a must when you decide to go for the metal look.
Following these tips will help you to get that metal look.