Take care of your Pearl Jewellery

Pearls, natural or cultured, have fascinated jewellery lovers for ages. It can be worn in any occasion. Pearl jewelleries have a subtle elegance that when worn enhance your style statement. But you need to take care of your pearl jewellery so that it does not become dull or develop a scratch. Let’s find out how you can keep your pearl jewellery perfect:
  • Keep your pearl jewellery in a soft cotton cloth. Pearls will loose moisture if you keep it in plastic bag or near heat.
  • It is better to clean your pearl jewellery with a moist soft cloth instead of chemicals available in markets
  • You must put on pearl jewellery once you have finished doing makeup and applied hairspray or fragrance. These sprays and make-ups can form a coating on pearls.
  • Put off your pearl jewellery when you are exposed to activities that can affect them. It can be damaged from sweat, chemicals and dirt.
  • When you are restringing your pearl jewellery tell the jeweller to tie a knot in between two pearls. Otherwise, it can be damaged from friction against each other.
The best way to keep pearls looking good is to wear them. Your natural body oil keeps the pearls shinning.
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