Wanna Make Some Hair Styles Check out These Hair Cuts

“Hair brings one’s self-image into focus; it is vanity’s proving ground.  Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices. “This is what is said by the famous journalist Shana Alexander.All of us wants to have soft, bouncy hair and it is our innate desire to look attractive regardless of the type of hair we have. Every ethnic group has its own standards of beautiful hair. If you are tired of your regular hair looks then you just have a look at this to get a glamorous appearance. Now let’s give a look at the different styles that suit your face and the quality of hair you have. You can also give a look at the ideal hair styling that suit your face and the quality of hair you have. Above everything do keep this mind that whatever hair style you want to adopt should suit your facial features, the kind of personality you have and your skin tone.

Hair Styles for Women

•If you own a round face and if you want to make your face look longer then you can try cuts below the chin like long bob or shoulder length hairstyles will also suit you. •If you have a square face then you can get away with short spiky looks •The oval face shape is considered to be the versatile shape that one can own. You can try out short, long or edgier hair cut that you think you are comfortable in but try and avoid short layers. •If you own long or oblong face shape you can go for chin length bobs or brow-skimming bangs •Heart face shapes looks good with short hair styling

Hair Styles for Men

•If you own a square face then try to keep the sides leaner and short •If you own a round face then try to keep the sides leaner and short like individuals with square face •Individuals with oval face can go for any kind of style as this is considered to be one of the ideal face shape •A face that seems long can go for cuts that has layers and that can give you the right balance •People with triangular face shape can choose a style that will help you to reduce the narrowness of your forehead In addition to facial shape there are also other things that you need to keep into consideration. They are height, position of your ears and nose, size of your forehead and your size.
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