Color Trends for 2011 Fashion

Those who are fashion conscious would like to explore the current fashion trends. If you want to go with the fashion trend you will have to have a clear idea about it. Even if you want to break the trend you need to know what is in and what is out. Only then you can make a difference. Let’s take a look at the color trends of this year. The color scheme of 2011 can be described as “soften, energize and excite.” This year you can notice five key color trends – Celebration, Abstraction, New Classic, Aqueous and Perleage. Celebration: This trend will give you a feel like – spring embodied in a painter’s palette. The colors defining this trend are usually named after flowers such as daffodil, viola, poppy, iris and geranium. If you wish to go with the 2011 fashion trends these colors are a must have for your wardrobe. Abstraction: Do you like doing experiments? If yes, then this color scheme is for you. If you are not game with pretty look and want to make a bold fashion statement should go for Abstraction. The clash of turquoise or maroon may be perfect for you. The yellow green or the sea green can seem to be appealing to you. New Classic: Those who go for this color scheme can expect a combination of bright pigments and startling twists on traditional colors. Classical weave patterns and curious yarn-spinning are some of the popular features of this trend. Aqueous: This is one of the most obvious color schemes for fashion 2011. The nautical tones define this color trend. It is a real challenge for designers to apply the colors included in this trend. If you wish to opt for this color trend, make sure you choose an expert designer who is well known for experimental works. Perleage: Another color trend that will be appreciated by people who wish to go off-bit. This trend is meant for people who prefer subtle colors over radiant colors. The effect of the colors that fall under this group is perfect for you if you have tanned skin.
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