How to keep your Lips Supple and Beautiful

Your lips are the most enviable features of your body and you really care about them. Supple and healthy looking lips are what turn on in a man. If your lips are dry and flaky, then there is no point meeting your man. He wouldn’t probably feel like kissing your lips. Like other parts of your body, lips require some extra care, because they are soft parts of the body having skin which require constant moisture to keep them supple. Would you go an extra mile to look gorgeous with luscious lips? Here are excellent ways to naturally beautify and soften lips. 1.Shea butter, cocoa butter and olive oil extracts work wonder for your lips. Use lip colors or products containing more of these ingredients. 2.Gently remove the flakes with a soft and wet cloth to make your lips redder and beautiful 3.Apply as cream and moisturize your lips. 4.Massage your lips with calendula. It really in bringing the true colors of your lips. Make yourself look sexier with fuller and pink lips.
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