Fashion accessories with its intricate design and awesome shapes have occupied remarkable place in the jewellery industry. Long years back jewellery used to be made of gemstones and valuable metals such as platinum, diamond but with the changing fashion style younger generation are inclining more towards semi-precious materials. In the true sense, fashion jewellery is the outcome of different intricate patterns and designs. The mostly-used materials in formulating costume jewellery include wood, plastic, leather, jute etc. This is why; price of fashion ornaments remain cheaper. Costume Gem Gold Jewellery Beside price, there are several reasons for growing popularity of costume jewellery. As for example they are stylish as well as trendy and can go well with different outfits such as, wedding dress, formal suits, evening gowns as well as party wears. Since it is made of hard material, for long hours this type of costume jewellery can be worn. According to a survey report it has been found out that fashion jewellery is one of the most quickly sold accessory in the world. It is good for extensive use as well as occasional usage and the most interesting thing is that this kind of ornaments remains available both for the men as well as for the women. Now, a question may arise that what accessories fall under the category of costume jewellery. In this respect, it should be said that earrings, chains, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, anklets all are included in this category. You just need to check out the style, design and color of those accessories. Remember you may need to take help from wedding photography London.